Learn analytics engineering with dbt

A two-day, in-person training program that teaches analysts the tools and knowledge needed to own the entire analytics engineering workflow.

About dbt Learn

Analytics engineering is the data transformation work that happens between loading data into your warehouse and analyzing it. At dbt Learn, the Fishtown Analytics team will teach analysts how to use dbt to manage that workflow. Attendees will learn about:

  • Data Warehouses
  • Automated Testing
  • Modeling Strategies
  • Performance Optimization
  • Writing DRY code
  • and more!

The only technical prerequisite is a working knowledge of SQL. Prior familiarity with the command line and version control is helpful but not necessary.



  • Analytics engineering in 2020
  • dbt fundamentals
  • Data warehouse design
  • dbt + BI tools
  • Testing + Continuous Integration
  • Data sources + freshness
  • Documenting data models


  • Extending SQL with Jinja
  • Package management
  • Understanding databases
  • Optimizing queries
  • Incremental models
  • End-to-end analytics
  • Patterns + techniques

What to Expect

Before you begin:

  • Interactive tutorial for getting started with dbt on Snowflake
  • Primers for SQL Foundations and Bash/Git
  • During:

  • A two-day course, taught by instructors from Fishtown Analytics 👋
  • Integrated working sessions for hands-on exploration of dbt features
  • Dedicated time for questions and side-by-side pairing
  • Access to presentations and a curated list of additional resources
  • After:

  • A cohort of peers to network with and learn from
  • Two weeks post-program to ask your instructors for support
  • A verified dbt Learn certificate
  • Interested in attending a future session?


    Is there a free online version?

    We're really interested in making this happen! It's still a ways away. In the meantime, we're dedicated to making in-person Learn the best it can possibly be.

    Who should attend dbt Learn?

    If some of the following statements are true for you, then dbt Learn will likely be a good fit:

    • I'm thinking about building models incrementally.
    • My dbt project doesn't have tests.
    • I'm interested in learning about the latest workflows and tools in analytics.
    • I am unsure how to debug errors.
    • I want the official dbt training.
    • I'm not someone who regularly adopts new software just by reading documentation.

    Is it possible to see a course syllabus ahead of time?

    We are constantly updating and improving on dbt Learn! We provide registered students with a detailed agenda a few weeks before each session. You can see above some topic areas we always cover.

    The cost of the event is prohibitive for me, is there any flexibility on the price?

    We are committed to making dbt, and knowledge of analytics engineering, accessible to as many people as possible. To that end, we have diversity scholarship available to decrease or waive the cost of participation.