Learn analytics engineering with dbt

A two-day, in-person training program that teaches analysts the tools and knowledge needed to own the entire analytics engineering workflow.

About dbt learn

Analytics engineering is the data transformation work that happens between loading data into your warehouse and analyzing it. At dbt Learn, the Fishtown Analytics team will teach analysts how to use dbt to manage that workflow. The only technical requirement needed for dbt Learn is a practical knowledge of SQL and a willingness to learn Bash, Git, and version control. Attendees will learn about:

  • Data Warehouses
  • Automated Testing
  • Modeling Strategies
  • Performance Optimization
  • Writing DRY code
  • and more!


  • dbt fundamentals
  • Data warehouse design
  • Understanding dbt + your BI tool
  • Testing + Continuous Integration
  • Documentation + Sources
  • Package management
  • Design patterns
  • Work applications
  • KPIs for business units
  • Optimizing your SQL code
  • Using Jinja & creating a macro
  • Incremental models
  • Paired problem sets
  • Presenting technical knowledge

What to Expect

Before you begin:

  • Webinar for SQL Foundations and Bash/Git/Version Control
  • Meet with an instructor for 15min to discuss your goals
  • Detailed set-up instructions
  • During:

  • A two-day course, taught by three instructors from Fishtown Analytics 👋
  • What is dbt and how does it fit into the analytics ecosystem?
  • dbt fundamentals, including building and testing data models, snapshotting slowly changing dimensions, environment management, and deploying dbt projects to production
  • Data warehouse design: how we practice Kimball-style modeling in dbt
  • Documenting your warehouse with dbt Docs
  • Utilizing dbt to alert on data quality and recency issues
  • Using dbt’s package management to federate ownership of large dbt projects
  • Modeling for performance: building tables incrementally
  • Using Jinja and macros to create dynamic, DRY data models
  • How to model strategically while thinking about scalability
  • A paired problemset everyday which students will present at the end of the day
  • Access to presentations and a curated list of resources to further learnings
  • After:

  • A cohort of peers to network with and learn from
  • Two weeks post-program to ask your instructors for support
  • A verified dbt Learn certificate
  • Interested in attending a future session?