Learn in a live session with dbt instructors

Public dbt Learn is a two-day intensive course for quickly getting up to speed on dbt

What you will learn

Public dbt Learn is a two-day intensive course including live instruction and working sessions. Classes are currently facilitated via Zoom across multiple time zones.

  • Build models to shape your data from raw data to transformed data
  • Configure and run tests on your data to meet your expectations
  • Write, generate, and view documentation while you develop
  • Deploy your dbt Project to run on a schedule with dbt Cloud
  • Leverage Jinja and Macros to write DRY code
  • Learn about how dbt interacts with Data Warehouse and BI Tools

What to Expect

Before You Begin:

  • Guided tutorial for getting started with dbt on Snowflake
  • Primers for SQL Foundations and Bash/Git


  • A two-day course, taught by instructors from Fishtown Analytics 👋
  • Integrated working sessions for hands-on exploration of dbt features
  • Dedicated time for questions and small group working sessions
  • Access to presentations for reference and training your team


  • A cohort of peers to network with and learn from
  • Office Hours to meet with your instructors 1-2 weeks after the course
  • A verified dbt Learn certificate
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